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SF Bay area particle artist needed !!!


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I am looking for an effects artist who can tutor me for a few effects shots for my thesis. I am currently a 3rd year graduate student at the Academy of Art University in downtown San Francisco. I need to find someone as soon as possible. The Academy will pay you as a "directed study instructor". The Academy uses dozens of industry professionals every semester to aid students. Companies include ILM, The Orphanage, Tippett Studios, Pixar, Giant Killer Robots. None of these companies are currently using Houdini. I have been using Maya for 3 years and have learned all dynamics in that package. I have some scripting background. I need someone fast. The project will be very difficult but worth it. Please let me know if you have any contacts or would be interested yourself. Thanks.


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Hey bro if u need any help I can give u some help but I think u may want to try and see if u can get into Luka's classes.

I am not going to go take houdini 2 semester because I need some time on my own to play with it.

btw seedbot who r u? Do u work for the AAU? It would be nice to have a small usergoup meetup here in the bay area so we can exchange notes and just meetup for some beers :)

If u need any help DanCox pm me.

Cheers mate and best of luck on that destruction of that spacecraft.

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Hey, Dan.  I'll gladly help you with your project, if you want to.  You can find me monday through saturday till 4:30 PM in the lab tech area.





I would love to have your help. Just to let you know... I have never taken Houdini before. I will be learning the software for the first time. I pick up software pretty fast though so I don't think it will be a problem. I talked to Austin Cable last semester and he was excited to work on the stuff but he is gone. The reason I am wanting a one on one instead of taking the undergrad class is because I want to learn mainly particles from you. I will teach myself the rest. I need help with the dynamics. I will be by the lab tomorrow morning. I will find you and we can talk. Thanks for the interest.

Dan Cox

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