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Recreate Attribute copy in vops


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Hey guys,


I wan to ask a noob question, how to create attribute copy in vops.


The reason i wan to do this is because i wan to Mix between original position and new position,


those two object has different ptnum but they have same "ptid" attribute i assigned to them.


Really appreciate your time to help me out



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you can use Find Attribute Value VOP to return point number of point that has desired ptid value. You can then feed this point number into Attribute Import VOP.


Another way might be to synchronize point numbers with ptid attribute. You can do so with Sort SOP set to By Attribute. Then you just import P attribute from second input of Attrib VOP and mix the two.



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you can as well use wrangle, the simplest way to copy attrib from second input by id would probably be:

f@attrib = f@opinput1_attrib;
v@attrib = v@opinput1_attrib;

in terms of blending position, something like:

float blend = chf("blend");
v@P = lerp(v@P, v@opinput1_P, blend);

by default it matches geometries by id if exists, but you can choose it in Bindings/Attribute To Match parm

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