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Cloth to FEM - Plastic Deformation


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Hello Friends,


can somebody guide me how to do plastic deformation and metalbending?

at the moment i am doing the Car Crash Tutorial from Digital Logic VFX on youtube but its based on the old Cloth Solver and i think the workflow for such an effect has drasticly changed in H14 and 15.


so what is the way to do effects like crushing a soda can or doing car crash deformation with the FEM Solver - how does transfering painted attributes work and simulating low res tets and transfer the deformation on a more detailed modell?



best regards

de heavy

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I played a bit with FEM but I didn't get very good results. But after watching some videos on Vimeo I found probably a better workflow.

I recommend watching this video:

In comments Eistan explained his workflow - simulate car with cloth solver. Then use one nice frame from resulted simulation and use it as blendshape. You can then also hand sculpt deformations as you like and blend between original and deformed car as you wish. Maybe some CHOPS would help you with some jiggle to create metallish vibrations look :)

I haven't tried this workflow yet but when I get some time I will definitely do. It seems to me to be more flexible and you will have more control above your animation.



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thx for the help Farmfield and Hello Juraj thx for joining in.


i tried your code and I like the idea of comparing the volume but i dont got it to work correctly i have the Multiplier set to very small something and most of the time everything is exploding. or the object is shrinking first.... so unexpectied things happen... i put the file here so you may have a look when you have the time.


i got much better results by easily painting shapestiffness but ist very hard to get the right values.


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So and here, this is what I did with the painted Cloth


i think Cloth is the better way for me at the moment, but i really would like to know how to implement rest update via SOPSolver....

as you see i cheat a bit by massivly increasing the dumping after contact - so the deformation doesnt exflate back to the original shape.


... and so it feels a bit like cheating....


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