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curve editing [UNSOLVABLE]


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probably a beginners question, but I'm baffled.


How can I enter "manually" the coordinates of a point on a curve?


I've search the forums, and read about how entering them in the spreadsheet was wrong (enter the soft lock mode (whatever that is...))

And read very complicated answer involving python script !!!


All I need is very basic :


I made a curve

now I need to modify the coord of 2 points in Y axis

those 2 pts are at 2.39245 and I need them at 2.4


quite easy !  Yet I just can't do it (without some simple math + offset)

I need to do that a lot, so I'm looking for a solution without calculations or scripting.


Am I missing something ???  (again)


Can't I enter the coord manually somewhere? (somewhere else than in the coodinates list of the curve node, where they are all in line and inaccessible)



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There might be a better way, but I'd just put down a point wrangle, set the group to the the points (eg '3 4') and set it in vex:


@P.y = 2.4;





An alternative is to use an add sop, which gives you a little more control (but is correspondingly a little more clunky):



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