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Blow pyro with fan?


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yeah, this is where dops kind of become a bit convoluted.  it seems that each object/solver type has a different way to introduce forces.  for a pyro, if you need something more than just a simple constant wind direction, then you might want to create a velocity field and then use a volume source to add/mix with your current velocities.  if it's just a constant direction, there's a "wind tunnel" field on your smoke object dop.

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You can put a wind force after the pyro node. Or simply pick a Bouancy Direction on the solver itself.  Don't forget to play with the Shape tab, Turbulence is your friend. 

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Ok - 


So If I wanted an animated fan affecting the velocity of my pyro, how would I create that? I know how to source it in my pyro sim - just don't know how to create, other than setting up a Particle sim and advecting the Pyro with it, which seems like a lot of effort for a simple thing...?

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 You can apply a fan force mode after the Pyro solver. 


 You will see the guide for the node in the scene and it is very intuitive after that.   Crank the wind force up until you see your Pyro's behavior changing.   Then turn it down a little bit to your liking and play with the other settings. 


 Remember that it creates the node at 0 0 0

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Thanks for this - it was super helpful! I know this is an old thread, but I was wondering if you managed to get the fan force to follow an object or anything like that? I have an alembic cache, but can't for the life of me figure out how to make the fan force follow it. I've used the parent function to get the emitter to follow the alembic, but I so no way to get the fan to do the same thing. Cheers for any tips!



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