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Tiled Camera for huge resolutions with external renders

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Hey !


I have a "big" :) problem . I need to render in huge resolution out of octane for houdini but the vram is not big enough 

to handle the image in one go. So I somehow have to tile the camera and stitch it together later. There is something 

for problems like this in cinema 4d  called tiled camera . Where it builds multiple cameras with an "film" offset to render the image in parts . Is there anything like this in houdini ?


thank you so much !!



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Yeah, on your mantra ROP -> Images -> Output -> "Tiled Render". You then specify how many vertical and horizontal tiles, and the Tile Index is which tile mantra should render. 


For example, if you have 4x4 tiles and set Tile Index to $F. You can render frames 1-16, each containing a single tile, and then just merge them in comp.

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For an external renderer, you could try using the crop parameters on your camera.  I'm not sure if octane looks at this parameter, but setting:

Left Crop: 0.5

Right Crop: 1.0

Bottom Crop: 0.5

Top Crop: 1.0


Would give you 1/4 tile or one corner of your image.


You could make a camera for each tile or manipulate the crop with pre render scripts.

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