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black dots on object due to subdivision?

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Hello. Here's two renders. The only difference is that the one on the left has the Render Polygons As Subdivision(Mantra) checkbox on.

The one on the left is a much nicer result, except for the black dots that get created uniformly across the surface. 

Anyone know the cause of these dots? Or the settings I should experiment with to get rid of them?





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The problem seems to be with the sphere geometry itself. At the top of your network try creating your sphere using a box instead of a sphere. If you set a box to it's minimum divisions (2,2,2) then immediately follow it up with a Subdivide, it will transform in to a quad based sphere without pole bunching issues. Use the sub divide to increase resolution as you see fit.


There is a reported warning on your mantra surface which might be contributing to the problem but swapping the sphere with a box seems to reduce the render anomaly quite a bit.


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