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Mixing 2 displacements in ocean shader...


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I am trying to mimic this effect when wind affects the ocean surface,  Igor Zanic made a great Rnd, and he mentioned that he did that by mixing 2 displacements maps in the shader



you can see the results of mixing is great..



I tried the following:

- I wrote 2 displacements maps to the disk

- in the ocean shader I found a parameter loading the displacement , I duplicate it to load the other displacement map then I duplicate the connected textures then used a mix node to mix between the 2 textures and i used a turbulance noise as a bias..I did this twice for the 2 texture nodes were connected to disp map..  check these images...






BUT ... the results was too bad .



Any  advises on how to mix 2 displacements maps inside the ocean shader??


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first of all, I think you need to fit turbnoise1 to 0>1. this noise generate values between -1 and 1, therefore your mixing doesn't work properly. otherwise it is hard to tell what's wrong as I can't see how exactly is everything put together and how the result looks like. example file would help.

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mixing displacement as you have in image should work. just make sure you are mixing correct values and doing proper math (at the end you just changing the numeric values stored in texture, nothing else).


Im mixing displacement textures quite often (especially displacement + bump maps into single displacement) and never had issues

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