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Hi Odforce!

I present you my first personal project done entirely in Houdini.

I basically learn the software throught this project and finally I came to the end of it.

Please let me know what you think of the dynamics, the look and breakdown.

I am really scratching the surface of Houdini so critics are well appreaciated!


Ill update the hip file for those who wants to wonder around the network (H 14.0.474)

thanks to the amazing Odforce community for helping me implementing the scene.



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thank you for the kind comments! 

22 hours ago, Atom said:

Nice work and breakdown. Thanks for sharing the file. I was never able to get multiple container smoke to work effectively. I can't wait to take a look at your file.

the instancing system is a little tricky, i had the main guidelines from this post (smoke trail on path); one thing i couldn't solve is to be able to previz the DOP cointainers with the right size and orientation in SOP.  (copy SOP in the source) Something is different between the axis systems. If anybody come up with a solution let me know.


Please note that the network is generally clean and tidy but some extra nodes are left here and there, it may be easy to get lost since is huge.

Ill attach also the top_elements of the builiding so you ll have everything to start with.


If you have any doubt don't esitate to write me




Top Elements.7z

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