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hello forum, is there some one can tell why my gas mask field didnt work,


i try to disipate smoke by mask field from inverted temperature then feed to "mytemp field", then i vizualize that 'mytemp field' and worked,

but when i binding the mask field 'mytemp' to gas disipate or gas turbulance, even with vizualize field, it didnt work.

is there someone can help me with this, my goal is mask turbulance, disipate, vel, or etc with this mask field, from outer density.



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check attached file.

Your mytemp field was wrong class. Temperature field is scalar and often with values above 1. To check max value try to play with Guide Range in your Smoke Object node under Temperature tab until you cannot see blown out colors on visualization grid.

Then you need to copy values from Temperature to your mask field and normalize it to <0;1> range. Then use this mask field as Control Field under your dissipate and turbulence nodes.




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