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Raster manipulation class

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Hi all,

Here's a noob question: is there any convienience class for per pixel raster image manipulation in HDK? By that I mean something simple and stupid with a method like putPixel(int x, int y, const UT_RGBA& pixel).

All of the classes like IMG_Raster, PXL_Raster and so on seem to serve a different purpose and do not have such functionality. Of course I can calculate an offset into the buffer myself, but maybe someone could point me at the class that does it or suggest a better way of doing it?. I need this for temporary visualization purposes only, and performance is not an issue.

Thank you in advance.

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Not very elegant but PXL_Raster has get/setPixelValue(x, y, float*) and writeToRow(int, void*). Also IMG_File has readIntoBuffer(int, buffer) among others, buffer can be allocated with IMG_File::allocScanlineBuffer for extra luxury  :)

I don't think there is easier way though..

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PXL/TIL_Raster is the class you want to use. setPixelValue() takes 1-4 floats, depending on the packing of the raster (1-4 components). It'll then convert the 0..1 FP value to whatever data format you've specified for the raster. You can also use clear() to initialize the raster to a constant value.

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