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Draw Curves Like After Effects?


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Hi All,

In After Effects I can click to drop down non-bezier points forming straight lines in a mask/curve and while still drawing the same curve I can drag click to create bezier handles on the new point making that portion of the line a curved segment. I am trying to emulate that workflow in Houdini.

Is there a way to draw a curve in Houdini so some of the points are straight lines and some are curved?

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You don't - essentially Houdini needs a new Curve tool that is artistically friendly - you can do it with a lot of extra points - but I would create it in another package and import it.

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Well you could do this with NURBS curves, you just have to have (NurbsOrder-2) extra points on both ends of each straight segment. (so 2 vertices for Order 3) sometimes called a "knot"

Granted, editing this by hand would not be very straightforward either, but if you were planning to create a more complex editing tool, it would be something you could do.

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houdini can draw that sort of curves in channel editor, question is how to bring that data onto points.

maybe point SOP using x position from channels $F and y position from channels value, all referencing point numbers

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