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synchronizing two mplay (flipbook) sessions

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If you're rendering or flipbooking, click the "New Sequence" button in the upper right corner (Film-like icon).

If you're loading files, use File > Merge for the second sequence, or

mplay sequenceA\$F.pic sequenceB\$F.pic

from the command line. Then View > Layout > 2 Columns.

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Thanks !

It seems to be the right way, but despite changing the session names or trying other flags, I am unable to load dynamically load (ie flipbook from my camera) my first take in viewport 1, second in viewport 2 (to compare animation) etc...


I've read the docs on http://archive.sidefx.com/docs/houdini15.0/mplay/mplay_multiple_viewports but I'm still struggling

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