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Efficient glue workflow - multiple objects


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Hey guys, Im working on a scene where I have multiple objects that require glue setups - Pretty much a living room: Tables, chairs, television, ornaments etc. I have about 50 items that need to fracture into pieces or sub-components. Right now I'm importing each piece into DOPS separately RBD packed objects (50 or so), and then I am using the glue adjacent shelf button on each of those nodes one by one. This is making a lot of nodes in the scene view and is making my DOPS tree pretty dense and tall - I'm just wondering if this is the most efficiency way to do this.

Ultimately, if there is a way to group/tag sets of points which belong to the same object and just have one glue setup that would be ideal. Any suggestions or ideas?

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Thanks for the reply Tamagochy - How would I go about keeping 2 different objects separated under one glue network? Say I have an object "table" and and object "chair". How can I say that only chair parts can be glued to other chair parts for example? 


Edit: I think I may have answered my own follow up question - I have to prep each different piece of furniture in SOPS with its own connectadjacentpieces node, merge them all together then feed that into the constraint network in DOPS. I am having troubles getting the constraints network to respect piping in a SOP that isn't a direct link to the attributeCreate node now though. I may be doing something odd though, so I'll rebuild the network and see if its still happening.

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To simplify the process of setting up the network itself you could have them merged and loop over each object creating the wanted network. One solution would be by grouping the objects with a unique prefix before merging them together and then looping over that group prefix. For example "obj_box", "obj_sphere" and looping through the group mask of "obj_*". Then create the constraint name and type. Now you can proceed as Andrii described.
Check the attached hipfile if you get stuck.

Hope it helps,


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