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Creating groups based on string attributes

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Hey guys, I've hit a bit of a wall on how to best approach this. I have multiple items with "objName" attributes - These are prefixed with the name I want to break out and group by. IE:









Using this attribute I wish to make groups: CarA, CarB, CarC. Is there an easy way to do this? I thought I might have luck in VOPS with a string split and pop node, but no dice. I've also tried doing it in a wrangle/python but I'm hitting a wall with the syntax.




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Thanks a ton!!!! Your wrangle code shows me exactly where I was messing up. I was trying to dump the output of the split directly into an attribute instead of keeping it a variable (as in your example). Exactly what I was looking for, thank you!


//s@x[] = split(s@title, "_"); <-- What I was doing wrong


string x[] = split(s@title, "_"); //Correct
setpointgroup(0, x[0], @ptnum, 1, "set"); //Awesome

s@item = x[0]; //Drop it into a point attr for good measure

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