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FBX pivot to unity


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I am exporting objects from Houdini to Unity with the fbx export rop and I can't seem to get my pivot to export correctly. Is the fbx rop correctly exporting the pivot to unity? In Unity it shows the pivot to be at the origin.

I've tried setting the pivot on the top level of the obj scope as well as inside the obj scope on a transform sop. Neither seem to be doing the trick.


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I haven't tried Unity but I can see one reason why neither of what you said would work. Assuming that Unity is using the local space origin as the "pivot", then:

- Using a Transform SOP won't work because that changes the point positions directly

- Setting the Object Pivot won't work because that doesn't necessarily change the world transform of the object.

I would first try select the geometry object and then use the Modify > Center Pivot shelf tool to see if it does something closer to what you want. That tool modifies both the object transform as well as the positions to re-center the pivot.

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Good idea. Unfortunately, I don't need the pivot to be the center so I don't think the shelf tool will do what I am looking for.  For something like a door, I need the pivot to be in a specific location so that rotations work properly.



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It's not you, it's Unity. By default Unity uses centered pivot for gizmo position rather than the pivot baked into geometry.
Long story short, your world-origin of an object will be the world-origin for that mesh in Unity, but you have to “Toggle Handle Position” from “Center” to “Pivot” in the editor, to use it.

https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/PositioningGameObjects.html [docs.unity3d.com]
“Gizmo handle position toggles”


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