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You Know You've Been Using Houdini Too Much When..


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oh yea.. this carries all the time in to other apps for me too.. like shake and after effects especially.. i keep wanting to tab -> type.. And yes, it is frustrating because i really wish other apps would just follow this method.

Yea, *like I actually care* what specific menu things are categorized in..

Just let me get to the damn op..

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The first real CG job I did in my life, I had to model and animate an 8 meters long jet engine assembly. It took me 3 month to finish it.

Every little thing in there even the screws we positioned from the engine's center of rotation. One night I even had a nightmare that I was aligning all my furniture to the rooms center of rotation!!

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...you try to write in your note book with your Wacom pen.

I've done that twice today! :rolleyes:

Also: I've got the houdini-list emailed directly to my mobile phone so I can read it on the train. Is that sad?

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