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Ocean Shader test | Need some feedback


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Hello guys! 

I'm some kind of a newbie to Houdini but not really in the 3D field.

I would like to have some feedback and your opinion on my ocean shader. It's a simple scene which will be animated with a camera traveling toward the horizon, I use it to learn more about houdini ocean shader.

Here's my shot : 


It's been few days I'm struggling with this one, so any feedback is more than welcome! Thank you guys, have a nice day.

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Thank you so much guys, 
And thank you for the reference picture which matches perfectly the desired look I'm looking for! 
I'll post some adjustement, very soon 


Acey, do you have any idea how to flatten the horizon without having to flatten the first grid ( which is then duplicated ) ? 



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Here is the new one with some adjustement mentioned before, I turned off foam & whitecap for this one. 
I still dont know how to get less reflection arround the horizon part, 
I'll try to flatten the sea by resizing the grid size, there are too much waves 

Tell me what you think guys, I'm still trying to get a great realistic look 



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Found a way to reduce the reflection near the horizon, reflection angle was way too low...
I dont know what is missing now, maybe should I reduce the wave frequency to better match the reference above ?

Any help is welcome, thank you guyss!



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