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fractured fem and interior edges - making them hard?


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hey guys so i'm just following a simple tutorial for tearing FEM objects - having a bit of fun :)

I've got my sim going and i think its doing some nice enough results however as you can see in the pic below all the mesh interior pieces wehre the splits occur seem to be soft edged.  is there a way to control that somehow?  I tried cusp sop in various places but not quite the same result.  Any advice would be great :)




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I think the Remesh is hurting you in this situation. I just turned up the resolution of the Torus itself, eliminated the Remesh and reverted the Tetrahedralize back to it's default state. This gives a more detailed look on the fracture results.

There are also a few threads on this forum discussing how to add detail to the interior of fracture pieces if you need even more.



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Superb thanks I have to be honest I was literally just following the tut step by step heh. I did twiddle various settings before posting up tho. 

Is there a thread you can post up that might provide more info for the interior pieces? I searched about 4 times for simple stuff like "fem" and 0 results?!?!! So I don't have much confidence in that search bar hehe




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Cheers Atom. Funnily enough I watched a video on Yt today about grabbing edge information and vectors and using that to edge displace at render time. I'd like to know how to do that on geom so I can get it out to maya or other software as alembic. 

The interior face detail works well tho on the voronoi shatter and a found a video on pre deforming before fracture. 


Back to the fem.. I guess if I can get the interior faces out as a group I might be able to specify those and apply other effects like facet and subdivide possibly hmm not too sure. I'd also like to suss out how to control where it tets the mesh possibly so I could get it to tear in those areas and control it somehow.



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