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Houdini stopped loading objs gives error

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The file node is refusing to load .objs ;( It keeps saying that it is unable to read the file. I tried many many objs and I get the same results meanwhile other apps like Modo or Zbrush have no problem with these objs.


In fact I was able to load these files just couple hours ago in Houdini as inside my Houdini project files. I have no idea about what happened ;(



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If they worked before they will work again.

Perhaps you Set the Project or did a Save As which might break references such as $HOME or $JOB. Try browsing directly to the file with a full path. Also, if you object has a number in the name and it is not a sequence perhaps you moved the time line playbar? If it is not a sequence make sure you don't have a $F variable in the file name. The default dialog will put that $F in your filename unless you turn off that checkbox.

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Thanks for the reply. Actually it was none of those things.


I had to move the Houdini program folder to a network drive due to space left on my system drive but it looked like Houdini did not like that at least certain Houdini executables did not.

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