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How to make a line exactly same shape that my circle is?

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I have a circle with setup that you see in picture 
and i have line 
I want line to be same shape as my circle is same lenght.
I use used Circle because i failed to do good shape with curve tool
And later discovered that circle does not have a point parameret option as line has.






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Thank you for trying to help me. But i need to use a line not a "attribcreate" as if u take a look at atributecreate and line they have different settings.
When you open up hip file i attached and dive inside and open up Geo Node named as VINE_PATH you can see what is happening. 
Sphere has points and those points "shoot" different directions where line is connected. 
In my case i need to shoot out only 1 line and that line needs to look similar as you see in my attached render view picture.
That one line will be the vine for my logo that i try to create. 
and from that vine i will later grow smaller vines.
May be (depending how it looks) i would twist one vine around another when they grow 
Got any idea how to do it?





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Audio is a bit out of shape but i will explain problem here: 

At  the moment i need to figure out how to create only 1 similar name it as u want: tenticle, vine, stiv
And later grow smaller ones from that main one. 

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I did try that one. It did not work out as i expected and wanted. 
Here is video where i explain my issue a bit more detailed. 
Was able to  make some changes.
As key here is that i need main smaller vines grow from main vine and then from smaler vines grow  leaves 3 on one side of stiv and 3 on another side of same stiv.


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I researched and found a answer. Need to find good turtorials on L systems on houdini. 
That is where you grow stiv and smaller sivs from main stiv 
I will try to search them. Thank you for trying to help. Tutorials linked above are not good for my example.
If you take a look at this: 

He has over there tree that grows (time frame 00:30) there you see main stiv and smaller stivs grow from main stiv.
I do not need butterflys and stuf i just need main stiv that i can adjust (thickness and lenght and texture on surface) and then select in system how many stivs will grom from main stiv. 
or another idea to make plant grow is this way as you see here:


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Everything you need to know about L-systems is right here:


Its a hefty read but, totally worth it. It will help you understand the rules of lsystems if you are really into it. Making the branches off a curve like you are asking is actually not as trivial as you think.



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Here is example where idea that i  have all the time in my head is used.
you pause the vido and scroll to time frame 01:10 you see vines grow and they have texture and do not look booring and crap.
Wat method is done creating this growing root).
Used loads of model sequence from zBrsh some how?
Or used some ohter method to creae growing vines / stivs ?
Color, music, blurr and ohter stuff is not important to me at the moment.
I need to create / want to create growing root effect like that.
Here is also image of roots.
Ofcourse i need to change the root a bit so it evolves in to half U shape that i want.



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