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Hey guys,

I'm using a File Cache sop to cache a FEM mesh but I can't figure out how to write it's substeps

I'll use this later to collide with a flip simulation and since the FEM is moving pretty fast I need it's substeps to collide properly with the liquid.

$FF doesn't work. I guess it saves integer only... not sure though.
Any ideas on how to proceed?


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Hi, I'm not sure if this would help. I tried adjusting the Increment parameter to coincide with whatever substep value I want.


In the above screenshot, a substep of 4. Below are the output files. Notice the frame numbers.


Just make sure that whatever you are caching out does have animation in those subframes. You can check to confirm by setting the Global Animation Options > Playback > Integer Frame Values OFF. Then simply type-in the subframe you want to view.


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