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[SOLVED]Access prim attribute inside Point Wrangle

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Pretty much the title

In VOP I can use the "Import Primitive Attribute" node to do it, but I'm not sure what's the recommended way to do the same in a wrangle. I noticed that the IPA node is actually just a snippet, which obviously answers my question, but I was wondering if there was a more straightforward (a.k.a shorter) way to do the same



Someone answered my question and apparently just using @primnum works in wrangles. However, now I'm more confused. I created a sphere and put a 

f@test = @primnum;

in a point wrangle, the results are some numbers, but what do these numbers refere to? 

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Question answered but now I have a different question

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If you turn on 3D viewport point numbers and primitive numbers you will see the correlation.  In this image point #93 belongs to primitive #115.


You can also fetch attributes directly from a primitive if you know it's index.

v@Cd = prim(0, "Cd", some_primitive_index);


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Yeah, I did that, that's how I got to see the numbers in the first place


The thing is it was some funny numbers, like really weird like 3.495*10^-8, which is why I asked. I guess I did something else when I tested. Unfortunately I closed the file, so I can't check

Well, sorry for the silly question, thanks, Atom!

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