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Volcano Smoke


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Hi odforce people!

i'm kinda new, well like half a year, to houdini, but i would like to create an erupting volcano.

I have been having a lot of trouble with the movement and the shading of the particles, but does anybody have any ideas on how to get the particles to moke realistically for thick volcanic smoke? and also on how to shade them realistically?


King Soz

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hey johnny,

its no use cos it doesn't use particles


hey hey

welcome to the forum

in terms of the sidefx tut, if its the one that they show how to create a mushroom cloud though a lsys, then to take that further and apply that to particles is just a matter of creating ur popnetwork(articulating its movement through pops) and feeding that into the same copy sop, instead the lsystem into copy sop.

its pretty much starts there :-)

if u want to render the actual particles, then u'd need thousands more, thats what makes i3d another option, (although an expensive one)

anyways show us some posts if u do ur clouds

all the best

aracid :blink:

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