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Gradient animation won't update


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Hi all, i'm experiencing a little issue with my scene.

Basically i've some animation on several Gradient nome, done on the position of the colors. They works fine until i close the scene; then when i reopen it, the animation doesn't works. The keyframe are still there, but to make the animation works i've to click on the position slider, even without moving it, just click on it....

Any suggestion if this is simply a bug of 15.5 or something else?


Thanks in advance

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Sound like when the scene was open you were viewing cached data then you close and re-open the cache is gone so it no longer updates. Have you turned off the "Brain" icon or do you have AutoUpdate set to manual? (both buttons are in lower right hand corner of app).


Are you familiar with Houdini's caching system?


Try this. Open your scene and then click the fast forward button on the timeline and wait. Yep wait and read the messages that appear at the bottom of the screen. When the messages complete you should see a blue line throughout the the entire length of the timeline. The blue line means you have valid cache data. If you see an orange line it means the cache is invalid and what you see it probably not correct. No color in the timeline means no cache data at all is present.

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Hi atom, thanks for the answer!

The brain is turned on and the AutoUpdate is set to default. I've no Fastforward button in the timeline, just Play and JumpToNextKeyframe. If i hit Play it goes forward in the timeline and then nothing, no message and no blue line.

The strange thing is that should be no cache or simulation in this animation, it's just a keyframe animation. The other strange thing is that if i go in my gradient, and just click and move the animated parameter and then hit Ctrl-Z, it restore the entire animation...

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