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Artistic Control vs Entirely Dynamic?


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So recently I hit a wall trying to get FLIPs to break through a cobblestone wall. I ended up breaking the sim down into a bullet sim and using that to drive a static sim that interacts with the water.

It looks pretty good so far when the initial velocities are set in a way that looks natural, but this kind of has me wondering: in a production setting, how much we want our simulations to be driven dynamically, and how much do we want sims to be driven manually and artistically? Like, is there an aim to do things one way or another?

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yes, there's one aim : making it look good.

sorry, but your question is very broad...

I'd say that if you know how to artistically control your fx (in SOP), go for it. If you don't, sim it, and if the sim is uncontrollable, cheat.

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like famous director on well know movie told me once: " make it awesome !"... thats only rule !

superheros does not respect phycially correct dyanmics. even "non vfx" movies, they extra lamps and light-reflectors to light faces of Actor's.  if complect dynamics or totally artistic crafted --> want ever get shot done ! "correct" simulation is tool on the way to make it look cool !  if have lots shots, you want keep workflow as porcedural as possible in case you do changes through all the shots. 



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