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Underwater impact splash


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That is interesting Shawn. Say I have a flip tank and a sphere on fire that I have created with shelf tools. How to I link them as you describe? What tool would I use to combine the two sims? Merge Sims?

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I'm not 100% sure, though I do have some ideas to try once this semester is over. I don't know if I could get it to work in just one DOP.

Another thing I've done to get bubbles, and wasn't thinking about cavities when I posted, is emit fluid particles with a density of air (1.225 kg/m^3) inside a tank with a density of 1000 kg/m^3. For this I animated the emission rate on and off to get bubbles on and off. I then converted both to SDF surface volumes and did an SDF difference merge from the tank. A continuous stream of particles, or one whose emission rate is regulated by velocity of the RBD object might work to produce this kind of streaming cavitation. 

That'd probably be a better solution, really. Lately I've been pre-occupied with driving simulations with pyro, and was probably stuck thinking that way. But I do think it COULD be done. One issue though is that pyro sims want to expand, and it'd seem that cavities like this want to collapse.

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@Atom @Malik I was able to get some basic cavitation to work using pyro. What I did was advected the the flip tank using POP Advect Volume and pointing to the Pyro sim's DOP I/O SOP. That made for some interesting churning, but the cavity still was not forming. So I took the resulting FLIP particles and used Attribute from Volume from the Density field. I then deleted flip particles less than this value and isolated both the tank particles and the cavity particles.

I then took the flips and surfaced each into an SDF volume and used SDF Difference to combine the two volumes using VDB Combine SOP. I found that this was needed in order to maintain features that lack congruency within the tank.

It does work, but the pyro simulation does not look right. I used whispy smoke, but flames might work better and I am not 100% up to speed with pyro yet. But I think with the right settings it should work. Also fuel should probably be scaled to the magnitude of the velocity vector (not hard, just didn't do it).



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Thanks for sharing the hip file. Definitely helped me in achieving water drop impact shot as well.
I initially did a small test run by faking the effect with a timed pyro sim from the animated geo and it does work but seems like combining with an actual flip tank yields better results.

*Initial test with pro*


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