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Explosion on star wars?

I am chinses

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On 2016/12/8 at 7:05 AM, Yon Anadeyo said:

Hi I am chinses,

Use particle and then pyro

Make particle - use explosion shelf tool on import particle node.

Change colour ramp on pyro shader to blackbody 


OK,,maybe I kown, I am going to be try ...Thank you so much.

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Hello to everyone! I’m following this forum for a long time, but no post yet.
I wanted to ask the same question as the title of this thread, so I won't open a fresh thread.

I’ve been stuck for some time to do this effect from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (see attachment)

It seems there is no fire (so It won’t be explosion from the shelf). This is more or less work with Billowy Smoke, and grain solver (because of the physics. Maybe there is just a simple POP).
I’m attempting to make out some custom VOP force like negative temperature after a certain time, maybe difference of the mass after certain time and etc. but still no idea how to make similar result.
Any specific hint? I’ve been working Houdini for 2 years in production now, so I’m familiar with technical terms, Vex and Vop.
I don't have any scene to upload yet.

Best Regards,


2017-01-08 21_17_34-Star.Wars.Episode.VII.The.Force.Awakens.2015.1080p.BluRay.6CH.ShAaNiG.mkv - VLC .png

2017-01-08 21_17_54-Star.Wars.Episode.VII.The.Force.Awakens.2015.1080p.BluRay.6CH.ShAaNiG.mkv - VLC .png

2017-01-08 21_18_15-Star.Wars.Episode.VII.The.Force.Awakens.2015.1080p.BluRay.6CH.ShAaNiG.mkv - VLC .png

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That's not a pure gas fluid simulation - I would guess it's either a high res PBD (like grains) or a tweaked PhysBam FLIP sim (to get it sand-looking) using an air field (for that jaggedy breakup), with a Plume fluid sim on top. 

Or I'm completely wrong and it was done using the 3D tools in the upcoming release of MS Paint. :D

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