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Sand Dunes

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Hello guys - i want create Sand Dunes like in this Picture:



I startet to create a simple Perlinnoise in a Point-Vop to Displacement geometry along the normal.

Now i need a control over the Luminance/Contrast of the Noise Perlinnoise with a Ramp Parameter to set this sharp Edges at the top of the dunes.

Do you guys think this is the best approach to creating this?


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Using noise is at least the most common approach for generating landscapes.

  • Scale the position vector down so you can still use sane values to control your noise.
  • Use 'absolute' to get sharp edges and 'complement' to put them on top.
  • The second noise just varies the overall altitude.
  • No need to displace along normal if you are working on a flat grid. Just set the height value directly.



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