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Pyro sim crashes


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It's hard to tell what happened, since it rendered over night, BUT when I check the PC (Windows 7) in the morning, Houdini isn't running anymore and the sim stopped at around 2.2GB files on the HDD. Actually I didn't save the sim to the HDD, but the .geo from within the pyro import network (Dop I/O). I guess this way it isn't possible to continue the sim, except starting it again from the beginning.

Since this happened yesterday too, I guess it might be a memory error. Yesterday's files were about the same size, but I thought it might have been related to the used res of the sim. Today it was a rougher sim, but it still crashed.

OpenCL is deactivated. PC got 48GB of RAM and the HDD enough space.

I'm happy if anybody could give me an idea of what is happening and what I could do.


P.S.: Is distributing the sim an option?

P.P.S.: In case I use the output node in the DOP network to save the sim, which node would I use to import it and where?

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I just ended up in the same boat today as well, only with FLIP. The day before I was able to write out the surface cache for 1,518 frames with a particle separation of 0.4. I decided to go one more level higher and write out the same sequence at a separation of 0.2 and when I checked the computer this morning, I only have 83 frames and Houdini was no where to be seen. A crash I guess...

I only have 32Gb of RAM. It looks like physical ram is the limiter on effects quality. If you don't have enough, Houdini can't handle it and crashes. I'm thinking to move to the next level in quality I must purchase a new machine.

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Sims can write checkpoint files too. Haven't played enough with it to know how it works with crashes but the theory is that you could pick up from the checkpoint.

Also use hbatch instead of Houdini to sim. It frees up some ram.

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