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i've been a houdini user since prisms action 1.0, but all this attribute stuff, although powerful, is making me feel like a noob.

i've been playing with voronoi and making boxes with divisions and they are beginning to look a bit bubbley, which made me want to make soap bubbles. there are various ways to cheat the appearance, but i'm thinking with all this new attribute wrangling stuff, there must be a procedural way to make soap bubbles that squash up against each other, have convincing overlaps and can be any size or quantity - but i can't figure out how - any takers? below is an image of the boxes i've been making, smooth and relax makes them head toward bubble shapes, but only so far....


and as a PS is there a way to control the shape of a fracture? haven't been able to figger that out either....thanks in advance




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Just so happens that I created my very own bubble tool that works just as you've described it! Here's some videos:



I simply implemented a spherical particle intersection algorithm. 

I intend on releasing the file soon in a tutorial once I have some time after this term's finals week.



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