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Stepping Point move

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I have a curve with points. I need animation like this:

First point start moving and when it reaches of the position of the next point both points start moving and the same with next.

I remember that i already saw solution, but i cant find it. 

Thanks for helping!

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Slight improvement to the code (if you have multiple primitives :P ):

// Point wrangle. (works with multiple primitives)
int linVert = pointvertex(0, @ptnum);
int pr = vertexprim(0, linVert);
float u = (float) vertexprimindex(0, linVert) / (primvertexcount(0, pr) - 1.0);
float time = @Time;

if (u <= time)
    @P = primuv(0, "P", pr, time);

Also, if you want the movement to be linear, so the point moves with the same speed regardless of edge length, you can go more complex, like:

//Primitive wrangle
int pts[], i, j;
float segLens[], progress, segProgress;
vector ps[];

pts = primpoints(0, @primnum);
resize(ps, @numvtx);
resize(segLens, @numvtx -1);

for(i = 0; i < @numvtx; i++)
    ps[i] = point(0, "P", pts[i]);

for(i = 0; i < (@numvtx - 1); i++)
    segLens[i] = distance(ps[i], ps[i + 1]);

progress = @Time * 1000;
segProgress = 0;
i = 0;
while(segProgress < progress && i < (@numvtx-1))
    segProgress += segLens[i];
progress = fit(progress, max(segProgress - segLens[i-1], 0), segProgress, 0, 1);

for(j = 0; j < i; j++)
    setpointattrib(0, "P", pts[j], lerp(ps[i-1], ps[i], progress));


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18 hours ago, f1480187 said:

If you referring to this topic, solution was for vertical lines. Here is more general way:

// Point wrangle.
float u = (float) @ptnum / (@numpt-1.0);
float time = @Time;

if (u <= time)
    @P = primuv(0, "P", 0, time);



If i need that points have gap between?

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