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Adding bind node to mantra surface changes Shading when rendering with ifd files

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I discovered a strange problem. I don´t know if its a bug or if I´m missing something.

I have a scene with two spheres. Each of those spheres have exactly the same mantra surface material. The only thing i changed on one of the mantra surfaces is that i added a bind Node to import an vector attribute for some multi matte render elements.

If I render locally to disk everything is working as it should.


If I create an ifd file and render the ifd file. The sphere with the bind node in the mantra shader is rendering with different shading!



I created some material with the material shader builder with bind node. That works as it should. Only if i manipulate the mantra surface it does´t work anymore.

any ideas? 

kind regards




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I couldn't repro the issue with your scene, writing out the ifd and command line running mantra on the ifd. It looks fine.

I'm guessing remotely that in the bad shader for your scene version of the scene, there were some bad parameters and with the extra bind, when it compiled into vex for the ifd, it compiled wrong. Once in a while nodes can get into a bad state. If you can't explain it as an oddity, sometimes building it again from scratch, helps.

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Hey Ben, 

Thank you for looking into that. I have to admit that I currently recognized that one mantra path in deadline was wrong configured by myself. It was leading to an older houdini version :( That was causing the issue. It works now. 


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