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Grow along specified paths


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Hi there,

I'm relatively new to Houdini, but not new to 3d

I'm trying to recreate the effect seen here (from 0:40 onwards) where the mesh grows along a set hexagonal path:

I've followed Ben Watts' quick tip on Growth Propagation, but was wondering how I'd now get the points to grow along hexagonal paths, instead of just searching with an outwards radius value?


Many thanks!


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Hey James, 

The easiest/most controllable way would be to make the shapes that you want the growth to create before you propagate it. So in your case you would want to make you mesh out of hexagonal faces, here's a link to a number of ways you can do this: 


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Thanks for the tips @Farmfield and @Sean-R


I've attached a .hipnc showing how far I've got at this moment, along with the accompanying .abc mesh file


I'm trying to source an individual point from the piston mesh to behave as the source point that Ben Watts defines with 'f@init = 1;', which seems to work, but I can't get the solver to correctly look outwards on a per frame basis. The point growth works at frame 1, but then does not spread out further


Another issue which I'll eventually need to solve is getting the solver to grow hexagonally, rather than just randomly through the given points. I'm thinking I might be able to achieve this by only letting each point have three connections, but that's a problem for another time

mesh growth_V1.hipnc.hip

new piston file.ABC

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Hi James,

I couldn't open your file for some reason. I've attached a quick and dirty example. I've used a remesh node to triangulate you mesh and a divide node set to Compute Dual to convert it into Hexagons. It needs some tweaking as the hexgons aren't a perfect grid, it may be worth looking into the scatter or points from volume nodes to create your triangulated mesh.

Hexagonal Growth_SeanR.hipnc

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