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Houdini Beginner

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Hi, I am beginner to houdini and watching some tutorials. But I am still confuse from where to start, there are lots of beginner level tutorials to start with but I am not able to find the best one. please suggest me some tutorials to start in beginning for proper knowledge of houdini.

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In my opinion the best way to learn is project based, you are hardly going to learn something just by watching random tutorials.

I would recommend you to start with some procedural geometry project so you start understanding how to manipulate points and attributes. don't get into dynamics until you have some solid understanding of it. Also, the shelf tools are a great way to see how houdini works, you can click them, and then see what they are doing and why are they doing it that way.

Just try to pick a reference subject and rebuild it, as you try, search for tutorials on what you need to do.

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