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attribute transfer and promote problems


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hello community,

i got a weird problem. 
i'm promoting some point attributes from a colorramped spline to a grpselection on a sweep. at first i do an attribute transer input is the grpselektion and an attribute create node. then i promote it through to my polyextrude. attribute promote = from point to primitive. 
when i open up the spredsheet for my polyextrude, i see my attribute, but i can not use it to manipulate the translation with this variable... 
does anybody know what i´m doing wrong?

greetz natnat 

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it depends on how you are controlling the translation.

if you are using local variables like: $TRANSLATION
you need to make sure that local attribute is actually transferred with the attrib transfer.
the best way to enforce this is by adding an attributecreate SOP on the left side of the attrib transfer with the same attribute name.

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this is my actuall problem, i get the width from my colorramp per point 0-1 
i got my sweep where i select my polys to extrude - in my attribute transfer i got source grp clear and type primitive. I also got point selected and width to reference on. copy local vars = selected

in the promote node i just switch the point class to primitive and as u can see, with the poly extrude selected i get some attributes for my width attribute.
now i just want to tell the polyextrude node, to extrude the selected polys based on their width attribute. something like $WIDTH*2

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-20 um 13.41.20.png

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