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Found 25 results

  1. Hello, I'm trying to transfer the normals from a stretched sphere, to a spiral around it, then sweep it using the ribbon shape. It looks like the normals are transfered no problem, but then when I sweep, it doesn't look right. It's either stretched, on an weird angle, or noisy (kind of like a mountain modifier). I think the problem lies in the up direction. I tried Y axis, normal, custom attribute that is the cross between the normal and the tangentu... It always look weird, especially on the ends. What am I doing wrong? Thanks! 2022-05-27_HelpNormals.hipnc
  2. For each loop with different 'attribute transfer' values and exporting custom attributes (like any vector attributes) What's the problem I have one grid with UV. I have created some groups(bounding sphere), to scatter only one point on the grid. So that I can copy a circle to that point From that circle I transferred color (@Cd) to the grid. With a Very Specific Attribute transfer values. Here is the settings of Attribute transfer. NOW, I want to do this process of attribute transfer for the rest of these groups (centerc01 to centerc07). The loop must do these things - On every iteration (for every point) I can set specific values to attribute transfer. At the end I would have 7 different attributes exported (the attribute name can be custom name) So that I can plug that on input3 of the Attribute VOP and work with the attributes. Here is the file : different_at_v01_t01.hip
  3. Hi; In a multi pieces geometry, how can I transfer attributes like UV, piece by piece? Actually I need to UV each piece procedurally in a fixed (rest) version of geometry, and then transfer UVs to deformed version of each piece. Thanks for helping. Transfer_UV_Piece by Piece.hip
  4. Hi guys, i'm stuck on this stuf.. I would like to stop instance from rotating (with fade) with attribute transfer. Any help would be appreciate. N. Orient_fading.hip
  5. Hi guys' I would like to transfer some attributes from a fixed object to an animated one, using the Solver node but it seems that the Solver node doesn't accept animated geometries on its input, right? How can I fix it? Thanks for helping. AttributeTransfer_01.hip
  6. Hello Everyone I am mixing fluid colors in a pretty simple small scale flip simulation. To that point things behave as expected. This is the problem that I encounter: I set the desired color to my emitter (let's say it is required to match an existing product), the Cd attribute is then transferred between neighboring particles throughout the solve. Ok there. The problem is that, as the colored fluid dilutes inside the clear liquid, the colored fluid then darkens unacceptably and the two never really blend into each other (I believe in real world, the darker color would remain the same or lighten as it dilutes into a clear liquid, depending on the viscosity). This is partly due to the 'at distance' control of the 'transparency color' but in my case I can only set it correctly to either the stream (thin) or to the contained fluid (deep) but not both. Also I am not yet capable to build shaders among other advanced techniques. I would need the color to match a rose pink troughout the simulation. Is anyone able to manipulate some attributes upstream or knows how to render this correctly. Many thanks V Here is a simplified Hip sim easier to move around https://www.dropbox.com/sh/26nzu9mve1ztcmb/AAD3mw4w1hX9O1sXpgeGaDLZa?dl=0
  7. Hi guys, i have a problem about growth solver. It's working when I select the start group by hand. But its not working when I created to group by animated sphere. Also there is same when i try to create starting group by attribute transfer. I seached about it and I found this topic : https://forums.odforce.net/topic/19897-solver-sop-inside-sop-solver/?tab=comments#comment-119311 Its working but it made in H13 I guess and its non commercial. I tried to rebuild it in H18.5 and its not working. I will be glad if you help. Thanks. spread-v01.hip
  8. Hi, I want to transfer an attribute to an animated object, but I want the transfer to happen just once at frame 1 and not at every frame. Can I do that? I know that in this particular case I can simply put transform node at the end of the chain and that would be it, but I'm looking for a more universal solution. Also, can I make the 'remesh_SOP' to remesh the geometry just once, because by default it remeshes whenever any position change happens? attr_tr_q.hipnc
  9. Hello; I wonder why I can't transfer “P” attribute values, to second geometry, by “Attribute Transfer” SOP..!? Thanks for helping. Att_Transfer.hip
  10. I'm trying to set up Houdini 18 SOP RBD systems combining different fracture methods together going into one rbdbulletSolver. I have everything working but one element I would love to add is the ability to control glue strength with bitmaps. I know there are clusters and procedural ways to vary glue strength but for art direction purposes I would like to use a grey scale bit map to color points scattered on geo in proximity to the constraint primitives, change their color to the grey scale values, then use those values as multipliers of a strength value. In this example file I am coloring scattered points with a color node instead of bitmap to make the file easier to but it should work the same way. Tutorials I've found are not working for me. Hoping to find some help. Thanks color_to_glue_strength_attempt.hiplc
  11. Hello, I have having trouble with a particle effect and I can't find anything on how I would achieve it. I have a rough idea of how it might work but my houdini knowledge and experience isn't good enough to actually do it. I am trying to create the effect of an illuminated object flying through a room full of particles, like dust in a warehouse. I want the particles to initially be invisible and only when the target object passes by for the particles to become visible and then begin to glow. So far I have a set up where the target object flys through the scene and collides with the particles. As it does this I have an Attribute transfer that gives me a field of influence that I want to drive the visibility of the particles. Does anyone now how I could do this? ParticlesTest_v032.hip
  12. Hay everyone, Hope you are well. This is Probably a really silly question but I am still new to Houdini and FX and I am not sure what to do. So what I am trying to do Is transfer all the Colors from the text Below into the Flip Fluid Particles of their respective Text Shapes. I would then like that to show up in the Materials for rendering as well which I'm guessing I can pull the Color from the FLIP Particles ? Here is the Random Text. Here are the Particles And here is my DOP Network.
  13. Hi, noob here) How can I transfer the value of an attribute from one point to every other point of the same polygon island? I've found a way to do it but I think there should be a cleverer way to do it) for now, I'm applying 'attribute_blur' with a quite large radius to get at least a fraction of the attribute needed onto every point of the same polygon island, then I multiply it (by some insanely large number) and clamp the result between 0 and 1.
  14. Hi everyone just a QQ, I'm playing with some variable viscosity on a fluid sim. I have a simple object (torus) that i've added some aa noise to to drive the viscosity, that's all fine but when i run the sim and the fluid drops to the floor the noise texture doesn't stick to the fluid particles. the particles pass through the noise texture and so their viscosity changes every frame. same happens if i just paint the color onto the geo, once the i start the sim the color attribute stays static in world space and the fluid just passes through it (if that makes sense). Anyway Im sure its something simple im overlooking but any help around how i can get the noise texture in sops to map and stick to the fluid in dops would be awesome. Cheers.
  15. JP Shep

    Ripple Fade

    Hello, I have a ripple sim created with a sphere moving through a grid and the points deforming based on the velocity transferred to said grid. What I am trying to do is isolate the geometry based on where there are ripples via colour then as the rippled geo begins to settle back into what it was originally have that colour fade back to black. I'm halfway there I think. I was able to isolate the rippling parts of my grid by using a facet to compute its normals and then a point SOP to add colour based on the normal in it's Y (@N.y < 1). I was thinking of trying to use a vop or another point sop to make it so when the normal is between x and y multiply the color by 0.95 to get it to fade over time but was wondering what other ways I could try to do this. Cheers, JP ripple_example_1.hipnc
  16. I wondering if this is even possible? I'm animating points through a solver and then turning them into vdb's. I want to apply a random color on each particle. Everything seams to work until I convert to polygons. I tried to apply an attribute transfer after the convert but as you can see in the attached image the scale is off? If anyone can provide further assistance... It would be greatly appreciated! (I also attached a reduced file since I cannot send the actual scene) Thanks, vdb_HelpMe.01.hip
  17. I've run into this issue a few times now. I have a shader that generates several output variables for extra image planes. The variables that are generated would be really useful in SOPs. The only thing I can think of that would allow me to run the same calculation on each point, is to collapse the SHOP network into an OTL that I could also exist inside a VOP. But the parameters are being driven on the shader and it seems a bit messy to channel reference all the ramps and other parameters. Is there some way to apply the shop_materialpath and then compute and export a variable on a per point basis? Thanks!
  18. hello community, i got a weird problem. i'm promoting some point attributes from a colorramped spline to a grpselection on a sweep. at first i do an attribute transer input is the grpselektion and an attribute create node. then i promote it through to my polyextrude. attribute promote = from point to primitive. when i open up the spredsheet for my polyextrude, i see my attribute, but i can not use it to manipulate the translation with this variable... does anybody know what i´m doing wrong? greetz natnat
  19. Hi, I'm a beginner with houdini and I'm trying to procdurally paint some geometry based on a particle scattered over the top of it. So would like the particles to represent the hit locations of the paint node. I know I'm supposed to use attribute transfer but was just a bit wondering how as attribute transfer feels in two values and the paint value also feels in values. Thanks in advance, -spacebindi (beginner)
  20. Hey everyone, So, I'm attempting to recreate this packed objects / dart throwing technique from Simon Holmedal. I feel I'm close, but I'm struggling with a n00b problem and was hoping someone could take a look and help me out. I have an attribute on the primitives that I want to drive the scale of the copied spheres. I've done an attribute wrangle on the primitives to create new points at the center of each which I plan to use as the locations for the copied spheres. I just can't seem to work out how to transfer the attribute AND delete the primitives. I'm not having any luck with the attribute transfer node. Any ideas? Thanks legends. DartThrowingAttempt.hip
  21. Hello guys, i think this is a peculiar problem I have to "fuse" 2 meshes and VDB looks just perfect for the job. The 1st mesh is an orange (alembic) and it have some perfect UVs. What I did is a simple vdb setup to combine the 2 meshes + an attribute transfer to get the uvs from the orange but, unfortunatelly, it looks like some of the polygons are still connected in some parts where it shouldn't be. Does anyone knows a solution for this? I can't share the original scene so I've recreated it in a simple way. The original one have a face to mix with the orange. here's the images + scene file (with abc) in case someone can have a look at it Thx again, Alvaro UVs Transfer Problem.rar
  22. Am I blind or are there no attribTransfer or groupTransfer functions in the HDK? Can't seem to find them anywhere in the docs or via search engines.
  23. I wanted to create an effect where an attribute could be transferred and then spread throughout the object - I found the scene on this page which worked great: http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=28148&view=next&sid=1030caf41e7f90f948b8db61b7222608 However I need to do the same sort of thing inside DOPs - I want to have some highly viscous fluid and melt it with another object then have the heat (or lower viscosity) spread from the point of contact. I've tried using a solver sop inside of a sop solver (connected to the particle motion of the flip solver) however this doesn't seem to work as the solver is using the previous frame so the simulation can never progress (I think thats whats going on). So I basically need to transfer my custom attribute before the pre-flip-solve. Is there a way to do this? I've attached a scene file with my current progress Thanks, Mike wax_melting_v02.hip
  24. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to see if I can make a colour attribute transfered to a surface inside of a Solver to actually trail behind the geometry that it's actually transfering the colour. Essentially I'd like the attribute (colour in this case) to get deleted after a while instead of being accumulated for the whole time. I put together scene to show a simple case where I'm trying to test it. Any suggestion is most welcomed sample_scene.hip
  25. Hi, Am very new to Houdini. I am a 3ds Max artist. I recently started working with Houdini. I was wondering how to transfer custom velocity into pyro sims. I've a particle simulation cached. I was trying to transfer its velocity to a pyro simulation. I tried the shelf source from object tool, turned off everything expect velocity and switched it to add mode. IT seems its not working. Am sure am doing something wrong. Can someone enlighten me a proper way to do it? Ranadeep Mandal FX Artist Makuta Effects
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