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Upcoming Build- future AMD vs Intel

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If they ran the test with the CPU-CL driver, I'd expect the 1800X to slightly edge out the 1700X. But even then, it'd be "roughly the same" in that you as a user wouldn't notice the difference unless you were sitting there with a stopwatch :)

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Regarding OpenCl,im having slower performance on a 1070 than on Ryzen


Open the scene,let flip update,mark playone on timeline
Activate opencl,activate performance,play it

I take the Total statistics value


Ryzen 1800X Stock 
64GB DDR4 Kingston CMK16GX4M1B3000C15 2128

CPU        13.263s
CPUOpenCl    13.633s
OpenCL1070GTX    14.026s



On the other hand Pyro seems to make more use of OpenCL


Ryzen 1800X Stock 
32GB DDR4 Kingston CMK16GX4M1B3000C15 2996

CPU        1m 40.626s
CPUOpenCl    53.647s
OpenCL1070GTX    29.755s

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