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voronoi fracture, cluster and glue issue


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hi! I'm facing some kind of issue: I would like to fracture a geo, then create clusters from the voronoi pieces, then be able to break those cluster based on the strenght of their glue attribute. So far I only get this kind of result:


A glue strenght of -1 should give me infinite strength right? so why are my pieces breaking appart inside the same cluster ?

What am I missing ??


here's a simple hip if you'd like to correct me.


Cheers ! 


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When leveraging -1 you need to set that inside the AutoDopNetwork on the glue_constraint node itself. In your posted scene it is still set to 1000. Then you can dive inside the SOP Solver, remove_broken, and manage releasing glue bonds inside there.

I put together a short tutorial that shows how to break glue bonds using particles.


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Thanks a lot Atom I'll chek it out as soon as I can !


So I've taken a look to your tutorial, very enlightening.

But what you are saying is that the only way I could achieve "multiplefracturing" is by deleting the glue bonds ? No way to setup some kind of double glue, one for the clusters and one for each individual piece ?

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