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Alembic - Face ID Sets exported randomly

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did anyone experience the same issue?

I imported an Alembic file with different face IDs to Houdini. But when I export it back via Alembic just for testing the ID grouping is basically right, but they don't have the correct order/ID… , they are randomly distributed.
I cannot see any pattern. It's neither alphabetically nor based on face count.
My node tree consists of: Alembic Import Node –> ROP Alembic Output.

On the left side you see the original mesh with correct Material ID order and on the right side the imported Mesh with the wrong material order.

Does anyone has a solution for this? smile.png

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you very much for your answer!

Yes I have tried this but no difference. I also tried renaming the materials in Max _0,_1,_2,_3, ... (relating to those video comments: https://vimeo.com/album/4473536/video/113366813) but without succes.
Maybe I have to do something with the prim groups that Houdini is importing from Alembic Face Sets?
Because they have the right order and the correctly selected faces. But I don't know how to handle them in order to export them correctly:


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