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Found 10 results

  1. Hello guys, First I imported an object from 3dsmax into Houdini and after fracturing and simulating, now I would like to import the result (sequence of animated geometries) back again into 3dsmax. I tried to use Alembic and FBX, but the result is not satisfying, because it destroys the material IDs. What is the best workflow in this situation? Thanks for helping.
  2. hi, i have just created some basic building models in 3dsmax, and i imported those in houdini, but what happened is i am not able to select primitives as when i click on one building, select tool selects it as a whole ? need help
  3. I have to install the HOU Engine for 3dsmax and MAX 2021 itself. Necessary for a customer file with Thinking Particles. I already have 18.0.532 installed and the plugins are installed in the intended path. But for Max there is just one plugin, no scripts and nothing anything else. Also work with Maya and there are menus for the engine in it. If I choose to install the Engine plugins during installation of houdini and do not choose to install for 3dsmax explicitly are the files for Max nevertheless installed or just this one said plugin for MAX? I'm not sure if the Houinstaller asked for each application at all? Of course I could install Houdini again but I'm not sure that all my settings retained? Are they? Just installing the Engine plugins isnt possible in the installer. So: Are my settings retained in case that I reinstall Houdini? Is there a way to download the actual (Github: updated on 31 Oct 2018 ) Houdini Engine plugins? Are they still in development? How to configure 3dsmax manually? Already gave the plugin path for the engine plugin in it, its loaded but no Menüs or other. Thanks in advance and a good day ^^
  4. Hi, I need some help exposing materials on an object made in 3ds Max. Im modeling the assets in 3ds Max and sending them into Houdini to Unwrap, before sending them on to Substance Painter (then on to Unreal). It's a workflow that worked excellently when using Zbrush instead of Max, but i can't quite get Max to work with Houdini. Here is a visual example of what im getting across these softwares. The issue is that the material ID's i created in 3ds Max aren't locatable in Houdini. Ive tried exporting the objects from Max as .obj, .abc, and .fbx, but i just cannot get it to work like i did with zbrush, where you just make sure the polygroups are polypainted on the model before exporting/goz'ing to Houdini (polygroups/polypaint being zbrush's version of 3ds Max's material colour ID). Could someone please take a minute help me out. Many thanks
  5. hi, Export pyro sim with vdb, input vdb into VRay_VolumeGrid on 3dsMax, 3rd party chennel mapping smome=dencity, temperture=temperture, each velocity = vel, the grid show velocity wit purple marker. but the vray rendering image is empty VRay_Velocity Elements(strength Zero). VRay_Volume_Grid is sat "Volumetric_Geometry" mode.(need geometric vray render elments) whats wrong my setting? Vray 3.6.04 (3dsMax2017) Houdini 17.5
  6. Hi Everyone, I am doing sand like particles in Houdini and need to render it in 3ds max using v-ray. Can anybody give me some hints as to how I should go about bringing thousands of particles into 3ds max effectively? At the moment I am thinking of exporting to .abc (using alembic crate exporter) and then applying spheres to my points using frost. Would that be the way you do it? Or maybe I should output .bin from houdini. Could someone link me with a stable version of this rop? Should I use the realflow one? Is there any way to "cheat" and increase density in max? sort of like how you would use partitions with a slight offset when dealing with krakatoa. Just trying to think of the right way to get this many particles to go smooth on my machine. I saw this example online and its similar to what I am doing and rendered in 3ds max. Thanks a lot Fred
  7. Hey everyone, I just released my Pipeline called Prism, which I developed over the last few years. Prism is an artist-friendly Pipeline, mainly for animation and VFX projects, but it can help anyone who works within the CG industry. Prism does not only manage your scenefiles, exports and imports, but it also takes care of your playblasts, renderings and more. Prism works with many industry standard tools out of the box. This includes Houdini, Maya, 3ds Max, Blender and Nuke. And finally, Prism is free to use! Here is a short introduction video of Prism: https://vimeo.com/265003976 You can download it for free on the website: https://prism-pipeline.com/
  8. Hi! did anyone experience the same issue? I imported an Alembic file with different face IDs to Houdini. But when I export it back via Alembic just for testing the ID grouping is basically right, but they don't have the correct order/ID… , they are randomly distributed. I cannot see any pattern. It's neither alphabetically nor based on face count. My node tree consists of: Alembic Import Node –> ROP Alembic Output. On the left side you see the original mesh with correct Material ID order and on the right side the imported Mesh with the wrong material order. Does anyone has a solution for this? Thanks in advance!
  9. Coming from 3DSMAX I'm looking for a way to have a 'hose' connected to and move freely between two animated objects. As a test I have two boxes, between which I have drawn a curve/line. The two boxes I then convert to static rigid bodies, and the curve into a wire. If I use attach wire to surface - the wire then drifts away from the point I attached it to. I've tried changing the strength but it doesn't have any impact other than exploding at higher levels. Could someone point me in the right direction please, as it would be greatly appreciated. I'll have to apologise, I discovered that if I change the constraint type value from soft to hard I appear to get a similar effect, although it doesn't like dynamically stretching?
  10. Hi All, I'm about to buy a human model from turbosquid for a project, as I don't have the time to model/rig myself in this instance. My question is: If the model I want to buy comes in '3dsmax 2012' format, will I be able to export it from max so that it's compatible with Houdini & keep all the bones/materials/UV's in tact? Ideally I'd like the download in .fbx, but it's pretty expensive, so I don't want to run the risk of downloading a 3dsmax scene file by accident & not being able to convert. Anyone have any thoughts? I''m looking forward to the day when Turbosquid is full of Alembics Thanks!
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