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Control scatter for fracture

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You can scatter points on to a surface (default). You can also pre-pend that with an isooffset to scatter into the volume of the object. When you scatter onto the surface all cuts go into the center of the object, there are no interior pieces. When you scatter into the volume you can get cuts inside the surface and thus have interior pieces, which is more natural.

If you don't want points at the end of your wood plank drop down a Group and activate bounding box. Create a bounding box around the wood plank that excludes the ends. Then issue a delete on the points that reside outside the group bounding box. Feed these new points to the voronoi fracture instead.

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thanks...  can you set up a simple scene? :unsure:


And another problem i have is this: f@min_activation_impulse = 1;

i put down an attribwrangle and paste in f@min_activation_impulse = 1;         then i set the geometry to static in DOPnetwork, but it dosent activate when RBD hit it... tried set up the density but no luck...  I think i got it working in v15, but now im on v16.

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