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So...I'm trying to create this effect:



I've tried what I suppose would be the "standard" method.  Create an emitter, add velocity from normals, add some curl noise, add white water, add mist...  Unfortunately it doesn't even come close.

It seems that there are multiple fluid streams occurring at the same time, with multiple high velocity injections blasting into the main spray.  If I attempt anything like this with a fluid sim there is suddenly fluid everywhere, and the injections just add to the overall sim.

I'd really appreciate any ideas how I could go about setting up a sim that could get me close.  Pyro?  Fluid? Smoke?

Thanks so much in advance!!


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Can you post what you have so far? I am mainly wondering if you are creating multiple emitters or a single emitter with multiple fluid source nodes. A geyser is going to be a pulsed activation as well. Perhaps stagger activation on the multiple streams?

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