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Add contrast to texture of principled shader

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I am trying to complete what seems like a simple task. In maya, if I have a texture going into the diffuse, I can add a color composite node and make adjustments, such as adding contrast to the image which is what I want do here. I have a principled shader with a sand texture. I wish to add contrast to the image and/or color corrections. I found the texture node going into the base color. Seems like I would just add a color correction node? However, that does not work. Any ideas?


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Ок,you are trying to color_correct PATH to texture. ><
Look at colors of in/out_puts.
They have its own meaning.(Pink color,for example,means String value).
And you need for output/input Green color(vector).Just focus mouse on it-you will see the type of variable. 


Screenshot at 2017-04-07 12:59:25.png

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