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Dynamic shatter transfer (easy)


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Hi there!

I'm afraid I forgot something simple here, because there is no way I can transfer shatter to a moving object (in this case a walking biped ). I know that best way is to shatter before apply movement but in this case I'm working on an Alembic file so there is no option here. 

I attach a simplified version of my problem, hope you guys can solve it, thanks! :)




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I was afraid that the solution was this because I find it terribly slow,I suppose I'll have to send fractured geometry to Maya, re-animate and save the Alembic again with the animation of the shattered  character...(sorry for bad english). Thank you so much anyway

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44 minutes ago, vtrvtr said:

I didn't do it in the hip I shared, but if you go to the cloth capture sop and reduce the radius, it becomes basically real time. As long it's a simple fracture is shouldn't be a problem

I'll try it, thanks! 

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