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Houdini 16 pbr specular node?

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I'm watching Houdini 15 Masterclass | Shaders and Shader Building tutorial which shows the pbr specular node. I can't find this node in houdini 16. I find a specular node that also has an f output but not the pbr specular node. even though it is in the Houdini 16 docs. Is this node included in houdini 16? Has it been removed?



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That node has been hidden. If you want it you can place via python, or open a session of 15 save the scene and open in 16. The specular node for the sake of the tutorial will get you close enough. The base model for shading has been updated in 16 you can look at the differences between the Surface Model Shader and the Principled Shader Core to see the net difference. 

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