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Move pivot/geo to center of pivot/geo/world center

Hans Peter

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a simple question here: how can I move an object to the pivot or a pivot to the center of an object; or an object to the center of the world? Got a case where the ship as well as the pivot are off. I need them both at the same place on object level.off.png

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Actual geometry has offset of P attribute. You can add Transform SOP, move geometry to origin and then move back to it's previous place on object-level by hand.

If you need to turn offset into exact object-level transform values, use Extract Transform node. Let's assume the original object is called orig1:

  1. Copy-paste orig1 and call it copy1.
  2. Place Transform SOP inside orig1.
  3. Set translate to -$CEX, -$CEY + 0.5 * $SIZEY, -$CEZ to center geometry at origin.
  4. Go up to scene level and create Extract Transform OBJ.
  5. Set orig1 as Source and copy1 as Destination.
  6. Make Extract Transform parent of the orig1.
  7. Enable Keep Position When Parenting checkbox on the orig1.
  8. Unparent orig1 from Extract Transform to get transform values.
  9. Disable checkbox from step 7.
  10. Delete copy1 and Extract Transform nodes.

Now you have orig1 matching it's previous offset with obj-level transform.

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