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Extracting Keyframes from simulation


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I have an rbd simulation with packed geometry that is practically finished but I would like to tweak the motion of a few "hero" objects.
I've tried using the Dynamic CHOP node to extract the keyframes but this doesn't work with packed geometry.
So then I tried unpacking the geometry after the simulation and decided to use a Geometry CHOP node instead. This works great but only extracts the translation values and doesn't extract the rotation values which are quite important.
Does anyone have ideas how I could extract both translation and rotation values from my packed geometry?
Any advice is helpful,
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57 minutes ago, vlb6 said:

hi Sophie,

this might be applicable - https://vimeo.com/150680144 
think he goes over a similar technique




Thanks for replying!
In the link you sent I don't think he goes over how to extract keyframes from moving geo or packed dynamic geo which is what I would like ideally.
I'm working on a car/truck crash scene and got it looking nice but I would like to tweak the motion of one the objects slightly (truck) without changing the rest.  The Dynamic CHOP node would be perfect for this because it extracts the animation from the simulation so you can tweak it but unfortunately doesn't work with packed geo :(
Do you think there is a way to get packed geometry to work with the Dynamic CHOP node? Or a way to somehow extract keyframes from my simulation using another method?
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If you want to just to tweak the motion of a few hero pieces which are packed prims I suggest caching your simulation using a file node.  Then unpack the simulation and delete all except pieces you would like to alter.  When you are done altering the motion merge it with your orginial simulation (with the altered peices deleted).  See attached image.

Alternatively, you could export it suing the rbd_to_fbx export found on the new games shelf. Bring the outputed .fbx into whatever program desired and alter the animation on any given piece




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Thank you so much!
I hadn't thought of doing that.  I combined both your suggested methods and managed to achieve what I wanted and it was a lot less hassle than the CHOP method. You saved me a lot of time! :D
Thanks again,
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