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Timewarp copy stamp problem


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Hello again,

I have a some spheres with sin wave animation copied to a grid. I want to randomize the speed of each sphere using a timewarp node. I made a stamp expression called "time" for every PT in my copy sop. It actually works,  however... eventually all my animation comes to a stop. I have no idea why this happens. I even turned of the animation and applied some animated noise to each sphere and the same thing happens to the noise.. it comes to a stop. I might not be understanding the timewarp node fully. 

I attached my scene file if someone wants to take a look and possibly explain to me whats going on.

Thank you 


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Aah, ok, I thought you posted in different sections, that's pretty common - and pretty annoying. This was obviously a mistake then, so no sweat. :)

And I hope my reply solves your issue. The stamping thing is becoming deprecated, it's going into for each loops now, so better get used to that workflow directly as the copy stamp node will likely be gone with the next Houdini release. :)

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Hey Farmfield,

I had to step out for a bit , but I just went through the post again and checked out the file you provided. This seems like a very interesting method . Is copying in a forloop faster than copy stamping outside of a loop ?

Also, does this method work in Houdini 15.5 or only Houdini 16?

We are currently using 15.5 at work and would love to use this method. I tried to re create it, but no luck on the randomization, they all rotate at the same speed and direction.

I attached my scene if you want to take a look.

Thank you :)




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Hey Mike, I haven't seen Johnny's idea but here's a simple way to solve it (attached)

My idea is to use a Time Shift instead. If you multiply the actual frame number by a random value (for each point, from 0 to 1), it will change it's speed.


Why your file is not working:

At the copy sop you created a variable that goes from 100 to 300, right?

You're feeding this values at the time warp so, as soon as one object reach this value (from 100 to 300) it stops.


I hope it helps


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This is a great solution Alvaro. Thank you. 

Ahh i get it... For some reason I thought that my fit values would keep randomizing each stamp continuously even if it reached 100 or 300. But it makes sense that it would stop.

Appreciate the help.

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Yeah, the for loops work the same in H15.x as in H16 and using a for loop is now preferred as they are moving away from the copy stamp function with  H16, so better get into the for loop setups as it's how this stuff is going to be done gowing forward. :)

And you hadn't referenced the correct node in the detail expression. :)


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