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Two different GPU


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I have already bought my new GTX 1060 6GB for Houdini which I would like to try with some redshift stuff and OpenCL. Before this new one I had old GTX 560 SE1GB so here is a question.. is it any sens to keep this old gpu GTX 560 as support in my PC for simulations or any other stuff or should I put it into trash?

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3 hours ago, Atom said:

I know for Redshift usage, your old card can still have use. Use your old card for display only and then you can use the full 6GB of your 1060GTX for rendering.

it sound interesting! I should try with it so I will save some memory from this GTX 1060. There is no chance to use also this old one for OpenCL yes?

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The 560 is compatible with redshift - however using it alongside your 1060 will throttle you to 1GB of vram which won't get you too far. As Atom said, you would be best off running your displays through the 560 and using the 1060 in headless mode.

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